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Monika Sierpińska 

The Body as a Whole

I have a specific approach to training with my clients. I want them to achieve their goals as soon as possible, that’s why I look at the body as a whole and aim at making every cog of this machine work in an optimal way. I am particular about a technique – sometimes a subtle change makes the body work completely differently. 

Focus on the goal

  • body shaping
  • pain ailments
  • trainings for pregnant women and for women after childbirth

Join me for a Free Workout

You will tell me about your expectations, what you like, what you do. I will test your body and tell you what you need to focus on to achieve your goals.

How does the cooperation work?

If you decide to cooperate with me, we will work on a monthly goals system. I prepare sets of exercises based on your goals and taking into account your body’s response to a given stimulus. I also adjust the exercises to your likes and dislikes, temperament, etc.
We train at home – yours or mine. I adjust the schedule of meetings to your availability.

Monika Sierpińska

Exercises are supposed to change everyday life

You need to know that by exercising with me you can change your attitude towards your body. You will like the feeling of having a proper posture after a workout. You will start correcting yourself on a daily basis.

About me

Monika Sierpińska – I am a licensed instructor of physical activity, medical personal trainer, I have been teaching Pilates, fitness and other forms of gymnastics for over 10 years. During that time, hundreds of clients have participated in my classes and each person has been a learning experience for me. My aim is to restore the proper posture of my clients. I am an active triathlete, having won the Polish Amateur Championship on a sprint distance, the Polish Amateur Crosstriathlon Championship, and as one of the few women in Poland, I completed an extreme mountain triathlon on a full Ironman distance. I pay special attention to proper performance of exercises (and good vibes while exercising). That’s me – the joyful founder of Tylko spróbuj! (Eng. ‘Just Try’).

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Instagram: happy_body_monika

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